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Azadeh Moonesan (Azi) is originally from Iran. She graduated with a BA in Chemistry in 2003. In 2009, Azi moved to the United States and started working as a teacher’s assistant in a Montessori school. In 2013, she took the AMS primary training at New Gate International Montessori IB school in Sarasota, Florida. She has worked at the Montessori school for the past 9 years as a Primary Lead Guide. Azi wanted to make early childhood education her life’s work because she believes a child’s education is the crucial building block for success in life. Knowledge is power, and Azi firmly believes that the earlier it begins the better it is for the child.

Azi believes that each child embodies a unique and wonderful spirit. Her aspiration is to see her students grow into adults who are independent, responsible, and compassionate innovators. 

She believes that Montessori is not only a method or system, materials or an experience-
It is a life philosophy. Dr. Montessori once said, “The important thing is that real and external objects help the mind to work in a natural way and connect with the external world. This is the mind experiences the world.” Deeply touched by Montessori’s wisdom, Azi believes it is a beautiful journey every day to be a Montessori guide. Azi looks forward to continuing to have a positive impact on the students and to learn and grow with an amazing team of teachers. She is the mother of two children. In her spare time, Azi enjoys reading, hiking, travel, and spending time with her family.

Azadeh Moonesan has completed various child care educational certificates which are approved by Bright From the Start in the state of Georgia. Please click the button below to view her certificates. 

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