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Benefits of a Montessori Classroom...

Child-centric learning approach:
Montessori preschool teaching method focuses on designing a curriculum for students that is based on their specific needs and capability and also gives them room to explore and understand the concepts at their own pace. For this, everything is kept in the classroom well within the reach of children.
Focus on self-discipline:
At Montessori preschool, self-discipline is something that comes naturally to children. The kids get to choose the activities they would like to work on each day, and also how much time they will be working on it. The teachers would set certain ground rules for each task which everyone has to follow. This helps in enhancing self-discipline, motivation, and concentration amongst kids.
Special attention on key developmental stages:
The Montessori curriculum pays special attention to key developmental stages in children during their growth stages. 3-year old children focus on their language skills and the development of large muscles. Older children will be focused on fine motor skills development and other learning experiences.
Natural learning of classroom environment and order:
The curriculum focuses on an orderly environment by having a dedicated location and shelves for each of the objects and activities. When the children complete a certain activity they have to keep the items back into their appropriate places. This facilitates a neat and anticipated environment and also teaches self-discipline to the kids.
Learning is made an experience:
Learning becomes an experience when teachers become guides and mentors. Teachers lay certain ground rules for each activity and allow the children to explore the concepts at their own pace and on their own terms.
Inspires creativity:
Montessori curriculum is designed in such a manner that it inspires the spark of creativity amongst kids. The focus is more on the joyful learning path of the work rather than the end result which definitely inspires creativity.
Activity oriented learning:
The hands-on learning experience or activity-based learning is the biggest advantage of the Montessori method. The children are encouraged to focus on their individual tasks until they have properly gained expertise in the same with a primary focus on learning language, maths, and culture.
Improves overall skills:
Montessori method not only focuses on the classroom-related skills but also on the overall skill development of the child such as social development, personality development, self-discipline, etc.
Encourages cooperation amongst kids:
The curriculum encourages many group-related activities which encourages team play, cooperation, and mutual respect amongst kids.
Individualized system of education:
At Montessori preschool, each child is treated differently. Children learn the concepts through activities and objects at their own pace which also encourages them to try out certain challenging aspects that enhance their learning experience.


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