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What is a Montessori School?

Montessori style of education was founded in the year 1907 by an Italian educator named Maria Montessori. It was known as the Montessori movement and was initiated with a novel thought behind it that children should learn from real-life experiences in a playful environment.


Montessori focuses on setting up a carefully designed atmosphere for kids and gives them the opportunity to learn and work for a long uninterrupted period of time. Children are exposed to a variety of interactive activities that are specifically designed to teach them some specific skills. The classes focus on improving concentration, self-discipline, and conceptual learning.

So What Is So Special About the Montessori Classroom?

There are four main elements that distinguish it from other traditional classrooms:

  • All equipment is accessible to your child and is always available to the child. 

  • Your child has freedom of movement both indoors and out as well as a  choice of what to do for much of the day 

  • Your child will have personal responsibility for their work; this requires an awareness of the needs of others, avoiding dangerous or hurtful actions,  keeping the equipment and resources tidy, putting things away after using them, being good role models for younger children, developing a true social awareness. 

  • Beauty and Harmony: This aspect is too often ignored by those who focus too much on the content of learning. Montessori felt strongly that the environment must be aesthetically pleasing to encourage learning and concentration. Too many displays can distract children if they are not properly related to their interests. It reflects the manner in which the  Montessori classroom is calm and activities are self-directed.

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