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Safety & Security...

Safety and Security:
Safety is the top priority for Trillium Montessori school. We work diligently to enforce and review the safety and security procedures outlined by Bright from the start and security best practices guidelines, taking every step necessary to protect the safety of our children and staff.
Secret Code Entry:
Keyless Entry System, unique ID codes are assigned to each person to enter the school by doing this we can avoid any people who do not belong to our school.

Surveillance System:
Trillium Montessori School is fully equipped with Surveillance cameras in our classroom entrance, exits, and surrounding areas.

Pick up and Drop Off:
Ensures only authorized parents or guardians gain access to the school.

Safety Drills:
Fire and lockdown drills are practiced regularly.

Visitors Access:
Picture IDs and name tags are mandatory upon entrance into the facility, good only for their visit duration.


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