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Characteristics of a Montessori School...

Special emphasis on self-dependence:
Independence and individualization is the base of the Montessori education system. At Montessori preschool, the children are self-directed and are free to explore the activities at their own pace in a conducive environment. This helps them learn from their own mistakes and the importance of independence.
Focus on self-responsibility and self-discipline:
The student-centric learning approach of Montessori preschools lets the child discover their own path of learning. This helps them to learn how to work within their own framework, understand the schedule of the classroom, and use their time constructively.

Mixed-age groups:
One of the most distinctive characteristics of Montessori preschool is the mixed age group classrooms. Younger and older children mutually benefit from this arrangement as older children can practice their leadership skills by guiding and mentoring younger children. While the younger children get to naturally learn from older children by watching them.
Prepared workstations:
Montessori preschool has a pre-organized workstation with a wide range of activities. Children can independently choose one of these learning activities and they are given an uninterrupted time period to complete that activity and also keep the materials back into their predetermined places. This gives a differentiated learning approach to the kids.
An environment of mutual respect:
The Montessori preschool environment naturally incites mutual respect amongst the children. Children learn to respect their teachers and peers and be a part of the community where everyone supports each other while they learn together.
Involvement of parents in the learning process:
Parents play a vital role in the learning process of Montessori school training. To increase parental involvement, they encourage parents to regularly come to the classroom and participate in various activities with their children.


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