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Mrs. Shermila is a dedicated teacher with a passion for science and kids' activity programs. She is more active and dynamic in nature with a lot of enthusiasm. She has great experience in India and mentored students in science and Math. She has great experience as a  teacher for toddlers/Pre-Primary and proved herself as unique in the School. She has received more awards in mentoring, scaling the ability of students in various ways which is significant for Students. She is committed to helping students understand the world around them.

Her classes are interactive and thought-provoking, and she encourages his students to think critically and develop their own opinions. She also leads a variety of extracurricular activities, and ability skills, which have won several awards. She is known for engaging and interactive lessons that bring the past to life for his students. She is passionate about integrating technology into her lessons and has been recognized for her innovative teaching methods by both her colleagues and superiors.

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